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  • Emotional AI: Image Classification, Object Detection
  • Voice User Interface: Language Translation
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wifi

In the age of 4th Industrial Revolution, the Innovations in connected cars, In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI), Autonomous vehicles and Artificial Intelligence as well as concept innovations such as shared mobility has revolutionize the automotive sector. In the midst of all these revolutionary changes in this sector, Koanex has chosen to focus on providing end-to-end services for Telematics, Infotainment, and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)..”

AI doesn’t have to be a black box – it’s more about acquiring the knowledge you need to make the right decisions.Koanex AI solution development process and try to identify the stage you’d like to start from. It boils down to having a “go” / “no‑go” decision after each phase of your AI project, allowing you to optimize costs and mitigate risk..


Study, Implement, Validate


Koanex has a rich experience in connected-car solutions. Our experience spans superior mobile communications technologies such as LTE and LTE-A, vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication technologies such as Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) as well as navigation technologies for major constellations such as GPS, GLONASS and Galileo.


Koanex has a rich experience integrating complete multimedia entertainment, information and communication systems with premium audio, 3-D navigation, speech recognition and telematics solutions. Our connectivity experience spans multi-antenna Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and BLE solutions.Koanex team has extensively work on the Automotive stack Betula.


Koanex enables vehicle manufacturers with Artificial Intelligence led Assisted Features to help avoid human errors that lead to accidents. For example, implementation of the Emotional AI - which analysis the driver behaviour pattern and avoid the risk of any accident.

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