Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence capabilities for your needs


  • Computer Vision: Image Classification, Object Detection
  • Voice User Interface: Language Translation
  • Natural Language Processing: Recommendation Engines, Semtiment Analysis

“I don’t know how to start with AI. It’s a black box – the results aren’t guaranteed, it takes a huge budget and probably a lot of time.”

AI doesn’t have to be a black box – it’s more about acquiring the knowledge you need to make the right decisions.Koanex AI solution development process and try to identify the stage you’d like to start from. It boils down to having a “go” / “no‑go” decision after each phase of your AI project, allowing you to optimize costs and mitigate risk..


Transform, reinvent, compete and innovate

Computer Vision

We are experts in automotive connectivity. We provide a complete solution for connectivity - from idea to launch. Our competence in strategic guidance, management and development give you a head start in the competition.

Voice User Interface

Connectivity is becoming vital for medtech. We bring our experience from the telecom and automotive industry to create valuable and life-enhancing connectivity solutions. The greatest benefits and values of medtech are for the end-customer, the patient.We have a broad background in developing complete connectivity solutions for the medical and health sector.

Natural Language Processing

Smart homes is smarter than you think. Today Smart homes is so much more than an intelligent refrigerator that tells you what to put on the shopping list. It is not only efficiency we want, we want smart homes that save the environment, simplifies and make our lives better. The demand for new improvements in our digital homes will increase. We provide the connectivity technology if you bring the next smart home idea!

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